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Shree Santram Maharaj

Jay maharaj  is a very holy saint in Nadiad. Santram Mandir is a famous temple full of Nadiad, Gujarat, India. Home Santram Maharaj, who is an angel amount of Gujarat. He is acclaimed by the addition of fun for begging as well. Insurance Santram Mandir runs a physiotherapy center, eye clinic as a valid match added host organizations. Therefore, performs a variety of cultural activities. He added that "santram Mandir" s in the heart of Vadodara, Karamsad and added locations.

Many people act quickly Thursday in admiration Santram Maharaj.

Santram Mandir is one of the cities of umreth, Karamsad, Koyla, Vadodra, Rhadhu, Pachegam, Padrón and Narsanda in Gujarat.

Santram Maharaj was abundant native San Avadhoot category. Girnar Nadiad reached for what was claimed to Girnar Bava Bava Sagarji Videha or Sukha. The news came in Samvat 1872, humans have lived for widely accepted that for 15 years, and took Jivat-Samadhi in the full moon day of Magha age of Samvat 1887. In indigenous children was inhabited in a honeycomb of trees Rayan, Deri sector today is based on the center.

There were two miracles happened in the first place, a worker from an area adjacent to track back dunk skilled tree Rayan. He had brought with sock and a bucket. Maharaj asked him to build up the socks and the brazier for a bit, 'because he admired the product of his bathtub, but the worker is angry words Maharaj deafened ear. He looks again later added to baptize some of the accounts and the structure of the population saw Maharaj in his bathtub, sitting in Thala able bodied and the Agency for squash. Baptized and were skilled seem obvious attraction of the assets Abundant Yogi, which was overflowing with plenty of power for more than 5 items. Add this phenomenon was: Kanbar adjustment is shown Maharaj Darshan every day and wised up to provide a meal Maharaj in the evening. Maharaj said: "The production of milk alone tonight." Faces Kanbar decreased depression.

Since these two phenomena of people started to look like a lot of numbers Maharaj. He has the foresight to travel abroad for a few additional slots, but Poojabhai Lakhawad Patel is chock full of her saying "If you go abroad to accept a reality in the boondocks Nadiad luck and let go." Analysis Poojabhai Maharaj said: "I want to break the reality that will sell shares in the account for me till I stay." Poojabhai said: "What greater joy could there be for me."

Under this action, Maharaj Samadhi Jivat all day from the Age of Magha Samvat 1887 in place of the full moon day of Posha this year. When Maharaj Jivat-Samadhi, the glow is out of your violation Brahmi overhead. Ghee lamp was on fire with this spider. Ghee lamp was burned to withstand 147 years. In fact, Shree Maharaj Santram fire is friendly fire of God.

During his lifetime and later became wealthy admirers Maharaj, as Haridas, Hariram, Jeth, Adesang, Narayandas of Vankaner, Ramji Raghav-Muni-Mugat others. All accounts and accept bhajans Padas except bear devotee. Been accepted appear in вЂPada ™-SangrahaвЂ. Most addicts are farmers, workers, apprentices and people.

Temple Nadiad has branches in Baroda, umreth, Padrón, Karamsad, Koyal and Radhu. They pack their plan according to the commandments of the temple of capital in Nadiad. A drug addict had the darshan of Maharaj in Benares Santram after taking Jivat-Samadhi. A book about the disposition of yoga is maintained in the Kalasha (glass top annular) Temple Nadiad.

Laxmandasji was a supporter of capital Santram Maharaj. He has established capital standards Mahants Nadiad temple. For example, Maharaj may be a few steps from some of the temple, he will never ask for the destruction of anyone, and will depend on the will of God alone.

Here is a Temple Nadiad Ramdasji Mahant Shree Mahant of the temple is the ninth Gadi. The details are as follows:

1. Shree Maharaj Santram: His Samadhi day was the full moon day of Magha of the 1887th Samvat

2. Shree Maharaj Laxmandasji: His Samadhi has been updated in the 14 th day of the dark half of Vaishakh of Samvat 1925.

3. Chaturdas Shree Maharaj: His Samadhi-date was 9 ASHO bright half (Ashvin months), Samvat 1941.

4. Jayaramdas Shree Maharaj (1941-1947): His Samadhi-date was 11 days and divided into two flames and Jyestha Samvat 1947.

5. Shree Maharaj Mugutram: (1947-1961), his Samadhi-date was the eighth day of the bright half and Sharavan Samvat 1961.

6. Shree Maharaj Manekdas: (1961-1973), his Samadhi-date was 11 days and divided into two flames and Vaishakha Samvat 1973.

7. Shree Maharaj Jankidas: (1973-2026), his Samadhi-date was the eighth day divided into two sources and Vaishakha Samvat 2026.

8. Shree Maharaj Narayandas: (2023-2060) Seat Gadi temple is June 7, 1967 (Samvat 2023).

9. Shree Ramdas Maharaj: 2060 to present.

 Now we say about god :

1 Shree Santram Mahatraj Satya Chhe.

2 Shree Santram Maharaj ki jay.

3 Shree Laxman das Maharaj ki jay.

4 Shree Chatur Das Mahaj ki jay.

5 Shree Jay Ram das Maharaj ki jay.

6 Shree Mughat Ram Maharaj ki jay.

7 Shree Manek Das Maharaj ki jay.

8 Shree Janki das Maharaj ki jay .

9 Shree Nrayan Das Maharaj ki jay.

10 Akhand Anand dev ki jay.

11 Sarva Santo ki jay.

12 Shree ram Chandra dev ki jay.

13 Sat Guru Swami Hari om Araj liyo Maharajo.

Ramdevpir Ranuja

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